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Not sure where to start or exactly what you need? ​Let me show you how to start reclaiming control over your health.

Discovery call.

First, we need to have a quick chat on a discovery call to make sure it is medically appropriate to work together.

This is also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have.

Health packages.

I offer a variety of health packages for my clients, to suit a range of needs and requirements:

My Essential Package .

My Essential package is designed for people who want a simpler programme and who are able to work more quickly. Please book your free call with me if you want to discuss which package would be most suitable for you.

My Signature package .

My Signature package is for individuals with complex health issues, that require regular guidance and support, but who may not have a long-term condition and feel that they do not require as much support.

My Optimum package.

If you have complex chronic health needs and want regular input and support to keep you on track, I recommend my Ultimate package.

Online consulting and face to face consulting

For convenience, all consultations are done via Zoom. If you require an in-person consultation, please mention this in your call and we can discuss.

Simply enter your details below and we'll give you a short complimentary call to assess your exact needs and see if nutritional therapy is right for you. If so, then we’ll start you on one of our unique nutritional programmes that includes:

  • An initial 75 minute intensive comprehensive health review and assessment (including medical background, hereditary profile, drug nutrient interactions, etc.) and follow-up appointments

  • Recommendations for laboratory tests

  • Action points that you can start implementing immediately

  • Tailored feedback and recommendations

  • Personalised dietary, supplement, and lifestyle advice

  • Liaising with your GP, if indicated

  • Recipes (including cookery book recommendations) and handouts



The Essential programme is for clients who want to access the value of nutritional therapy, but feel confident managing their plan with less contact hours.

  • 1x 75 minute initial consultation

  • 2 x 15 min progress calls

  • 2 x 45 min follow up consultations

  • Email support, if indicated



The Signature programme is the most popular and offers regular contact time so we can support you to make the necessary changes to optimise your health.

  • 1x 75 minute initial consultation

  • 4 x 15 min progress calls

  • 4 x 45 min follow up consultations

  • Email support, if indicated



The optimum programme is the most comprehensive package, ideal for clients seeking the support and accountability to change habits for good and transform their health.

  • 1x 75 minute initial consultation

  • 6 x 15 min progress calls

  • 6 x 45 min follow up consultations

  • Email support, if indicated

Follow up

This 45-minute appointment is for current clients who have finished a package, and wish to book separately. They are to discuss lab test results and next steps.

it time.


When you have a long-term health condition, or you have been unwell for a number of years it is unlikely that health can be restored in a single appointment.

With complex chronic condition such as Hashimoto’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease or PCOS there might be a number of organ systems such as digestion, detoxification, immune function that have to be supported. Additionally, dietary changes and supplementation needs to be implemented and results may take weeks to months, although improvements are often seen sooner.

Taking the first step is easy...simply click on the button below and book your complimentary BACK ON TRACK session today!

Please note we do not work with anyone younger than 18 years of age, anyone with advanced kidney disease, dementia, anyone undergoing active cancer treatment and anyone with an active eating disorder.

Note that the service offered in no way replaces that provided by medical experts. Melody is not a doctor. She is a registered nutritional therapist, and her work complements, rather than replaces, medical advice. If you suspect you may have signs and symptoms of an underlying disease process, you should see your doctor for medical investigations.

Get started.



The first consultation is an opportunity for us to gather as much information as we can from you about every aspect of your health, symptoms, and lifestyle. We like this to feel un-rushed, so we spend about 1-1.5 hours together.

We ask about your medical history, all the way back to birth, as well as your family medical history. We discuss your symptoms; when they happen and when they are worse for you. We talk about your current lifestyle so that we can ensure that any plan we draw up for you is easy for you to integrate.

There is plenty of time for questions and we explain our hypothesis on what we see and how we can make improvements together.

Absolutely not! This process is completely collaborative and we only introduce things that you are 100% comfortable with. We review, discuss and agree on any actions together.  However, if you are not willing to make certain dietary or lifestyle changes that we feel will benefit you, you may not see the changes you are hoping for.

Your practitioner will recommend any appropriate testing for you after your consultation. If you have not already organised the testing following your consultation, the administration team will help you.

Each lab is slightly different in turnaround times, however we normally allow approximately 3-4 weeks for test results. Your results will be sent to you a day before your next appointment. Your practitioner will then go through these results with you at your follow up appointment and amend your protocol accordingly.

Your practitioner has spent time researching and planning your case and has recommended supplements because they feel that in your circumstances you will benefit from these.

We only use the very highest quality supplements and herbal medicine with minimal excipients. Please reach out to your practitioner if you have any queries regarding the supplements recommended.

Your practitioner will provide you with a supplement schedule and will specify where you can purchase these.

The majority of supplements can be purchased through the online supplement stores, ‘Amrita Nutrition’, ‘The Natural Dispensary’ or ‘Your Health Basket’.

As Amrita, The Natural Dispensary and Your Health Basket are practitioner only supplement stores, you will need to be affiliated with them to purchase any products from these sites. Following your consultation, we will affiliate you with Amrita; you should receive an email from them with a link inviting you to create an online account.

For The Natural Dispensary, you will need to register your account and please enter ‘MACK10 in the referring practitioner box.

Please contact the supplement stores directly for assistance on 0114 700 5676 for Amrita Nutrition or 01453 757792 for Natural Dispensary.

If the product is out of stock, then please let us know. Do not buy another supplement even if it seems similar as not all supplements are created equal.

This varies depending on each individual, however for optimal results we recommend starting with a minimum of 3 months support with your practitioner with appointments spaced 5-6 weeks apart.

For chronic health complaints, longer term support is normally required. Change can take time, but our approach is very successful.

For any questions relating to your plan from your practitioner please contact them directly via email. If you have multiple questions or would like further support we would suggest scheduling a 15 minute support call with your practitioner or for you to book an appointment.

We recommend booking in an appointment with your practitioner to discuss this.

For any changes in your health that warrant medical attention please consult your GP or attend A&E.


We are not primary healthcare providers and you must seek a medical professional for any urgent situations.

Contact us directly and they will be able to offer you an alternative appointment.

Please also note our 3 working day cancellation policy.

We operate a 3 working day cancellation policy (excluding weekends) which applies to both the cancelling and rescheduling of all appointments. If you fail to notify us within this time period a full fee will be charged based on your allocated appointment length.

Preparation and planning for appointments means that late cancellations and 'no show' appointments cost us precious time that could have been allocated to someone else.

If you decide that you do not wish to  proceed with your first appointment, then if you provide 3 working days’ notice (excluding weekends), you will receive a 100% refund. 

However, if you provide less than 3 working days’ notice, then you will receive a 75% refund, as your practitioner will have started to review your case and formulate your nutrition plan.

If you do not wish to proceed with a second appointment after the initial appointment, then you will be entitled to a 50% refund.